Is Your Uber Passenger a Drug Dealer or Buyer?

Is Your Uber Passenger a Drug Dealer or Buyer

I spoken to a few drivers and some of them say they may have driven around a drug dealer.  Here is a summary of the same story I heard from different drivers.

  • I was picking up someone in downtown. Its was a decent part of town. The person didn’t put in a request and said he was making multiple stops. I said fine. First stop was a Quik Mart in a bad part of town. In and out in about 30 seconds. Next was a gas station a little further in the bad part of town. I locked my doors this time. He took about five minutes. He then wanted to get driven back to the pickup location. Once I dropped him off, I called the cops when looking at the way bill so they have a way to track them.

Some drivers also noted that the passenger either admitted they were getting drugs or were obviously getting drugs. This was a story about how this kid tried to hide it.

  • I picked up a kid at Harvard Business School. He said he wanted to pick up something about two miles away and gave me direction (no address). He was giggling the entire time and smelled a little like weed. He would miss a turn every two minutes. Once we get to the gas station, he shuffles over to a park car. He speaks to the front passenger, gives something and then gets a bag. He shuffles back and request he go back to where we came. I had no idea how so I had to use a GPS as I figured he was probably too high to tell me.

With a quick google search, I found a reddit forum that spoke about other accounts of drug dealers or buyers:


Here was another account of a drug dealer:

I have been doing uber for 6 months and I have done 900 trips, and two days ago picked up a customer who was carrying two boxes, I thought nothing of it so I continued driving until I realized a police car on my tail. I got halfway thru the trip when I was pulled over by the cop and was told to come out with my hands up, I was told to get on the ground, the guy also did the same, I later found out he was a wanted drug dealer. I guess people use uber to sell drugs now lol

Ahmed uberx, Apr 23, 2014

 There are 100 more stories like that. Would you like to add yours to the comments?

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