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How to Get Unlimited Free Rides on Uber

How to Get Unlimited Free Rides on Uber (or Lyft)

Here is one way of getting free rides.It is not legal but maybe against Uber’s Terms of Service.

  1. Get a burner phone number via burner app. Use this as your phone number for your main account
  2. Create a gmail email account, and get a free google voice number
  3. Sign up with uber with email, and google voice number. Confirm both. Uber texts you a code and you have to respond to it. You can use google voice to do that. Use someone else’s promo code for base account to avoid suspicion
  4. Sign up for a free Paypal account. With every free verified account, you can get a debit card. You will also have access to a disposable credit card number you can use for online transactions. Make up a new one for each new Uber or Lyft account.
  5. Take your free ride on your first and main account. You may not be able to get free rides on your main account without a ride on it.
  6. Sign up for another free gmail account so you can get free email and google voice phone number.
  7. Sign up for another uber account.
  8. Use referral code from first main account
  9. Use the free ride on the second account.
  10. Repeat and get a ton of free rides on the main account.

Here are some cautions for this approach:

  • Caution that you can get shut down for this so set up your “base” account as if it will get shut down one day.
  • Make sure dont hoard free rides so all your hard work will go to waste
  • Use different IP address (like hotels, coffee shop, public wifi, etc) to sign up the different accounts. Change computers/devices if you are paranoid