Parents Should Not Let Kids Use Uber or Lyft

Parents Should Not Let Kids Use Uber or Lyft

Before @ridesharediva alerted me to this article, I didn’t know that kids can use Uber or Lyft. If you read my previous post about how just about anyone can be behind the wheel of an uber or lyft car, you’ll know why.

I never condone any criminal activity, but this is really troubling. I can only fathom what can happen if one of those people impersonating an Uber or Lyft driver is driving around, hoping to get a teen or kid in their car. Its just not that safe. The driver can see that its a minor, drive a few blocks, turn off the app, lock the doors and drive off. You won’t know where they went and now the driver has your kid. Its just too much risk.

Lets go into the type of scams Uber or Lyft drivers can pull:

  • It was covered in the above post. Drivers with bad records hide behind people with good records and gets to drive on Uber. Bad news.
  • There are people who just “borrows” someone elses account. Picture may match or it may not. Have your kid confirm the driver is exactly the same as on the app!
  • There are people who just goes around and asks Uber? or Lyft? They are not drivers, just random people that just says Lyft or Uber. The younger your kid is, the more likely they’ll get dupped. They speak little english and just ask. Clueless girls every week just get into a random persons car because of that scam! Imagine your kid just getting into their car!

Parents, just dont let your kids ride in an Uber or Lyft without you. You feel safe because its gets tracked. So what if they end the ride, shut off the phone? Now your kid is in some random car. Just dont do it. Ever.

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